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Bay Area Law Offices Support Staff of Attorney 

Bay Area Law Offices is committed to providing you with quality legal representation and support. We approach every client with a focus on integrity, advocacy, and understanding. We work for an experienced Attorney who inspires the support staff to perform at the highest level to obtain a successful resolution of your case. 

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Mark earned his degree from Northwest Christian College in 1978 after serving Honorably as a United States Marine. Mark was subsequently employed by a community based organization called Project DARE as the Employment Coordinator. The DARE program became a national program endorsed by Nancy Reagan. Since then, Mark has spent 20 years working in mortgage banking. Mark has prior underwriting training in FNMA, FHA and Veteran's Administration Underwriting. Mark's specialized experience is valuable performing forensic audits of all relevant documents used in the mortgage loan to the consumer. 

Mark is active in a number of Veteran organizations including the American Legion, Veterans Of Foreign Wars, Order of the Purple Heart and a member of Knights of Columbus. Mark has the proven ability to communicate with every client in a clear and concise manner.

Gloria Martinez
Gloria's extensive 20 year experience in management of a mortgage broker's office, her processing of loan files, credit
and risk analysis, appraisal review, real estate property management and her loan origination record provides a wealth of experience for the Attorney. Under the skilled guidance of the Attorney, Gloria has successfully processed a quantity of case files for loan modification, mediation, mitigation, forbearance and assisted in preparing litigation files of the Attorney and his clients. Gloria treats every client with respect and integrity.


Alina has worked in real estate financial accounting, property management and mortgage banking for 17 years with major emphasis in accounting. Alina has highly regarded abilities in keeping successful small companies profitable and providing synchronization with current State and Federal laws. Alina brings a wealth of professional accounting skills in analyzing Financial Statements, Profit & Loss Statements, and  financial analysis. The attorney relies on careful analysis of financial data and relies on Alina's special skills to direct certain cases into financial credit negotiations. In the law office environment, Alina demonstrates a firm and confident ability to be straight forward with clients of the Attorney. This professional staff member communicates to clients with respect, ethics and clarity of purpose. 

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